Free «Report Writing and Presentation» Essay Sample

Report Writing and Presentation

Category 1: Focus  

While writing a report, the writer should bear in mind that the report is meant to inform advice and give directives to the reader.  In this report, the focus of the writer is the general reader among whom there are people suffering from seizure attacks.  The writer should therefore outline the causes, signs and remedies for the seizure victims. The report is therefore incomplete if it fails to address all the aspects of seizure.

Category 2: Development

When writing a report, the writer must be keen to build on the main topic before giving findings. The writer therefore needs to clearly explain and expand on seizure before subsequent revelations. If this is not done, the reader is likely to loose focus of the report. The report hence gives the intended reader little attention and as a result fails its target.

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Category 3: Organization

The writer should use the top-down approach to report writing. This can be done in three stages; the section level outline, subsection level outline and finally the paragraph level outline. Generally, the structure should contain the title/abstract, introduction, background, literature review/related work, findings and finally recommendations/conclusions. The flow of ideas should be in full sentences that are clear.

Category 4: Mechanics

In presenting her report, the writer can use tables. From her findings age groups and percentages, the report is easier understood on tables. This will mean having the group column (e.g. 0-5years), percentage column and the population column. The table format is easy to read, analyze and interpret.

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Category 5: Style

The sentencing and diction in the report is a little weak. The diction is not strong enough to portray the seriousness of the report. Paragraph three (‘The way a person….. ‘) for instance should have words like ‘get’ replaced with infection (and several other words). The right choice of words makes the report more professional and understandable.