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Discrimination at the Workplace

Everywhere, scholars are perpetually involved in the quest to understand and to explore the nature of human species consistently classifying Home sapiens under races based on topographic features and phenotypic characteristics for example, skin color, size of the body, head shape and texture of hair. However, in trying to organize the existing population and unaffected individuals categorically into races, we fail to adequately satisfy, leave alone everyone but ourselves. The bottom-line problem to this is genuinely geographical locations and the groupings cultural constructs. Following the arrival of the 1960s the mathematical ideas of racial variations did not actually agree with the general perceptions of the public (Cohen, 1998).

This research project aims to assess the extent to which workers, coworkers and employers of different races within different sectors, agencies and industry organizations communicate among themselves and within the working environment. Particularly this research focuses on the mainstream factors which lead to unequal treatment of some workers based on a human scale of assessment for instance, material possession, color of their skin, background information and opinion. This is a study that will investigate if there is a favorable working environment that places value and utilizes the contribution of its employees and non-staff from all different backgrounds and abilities.

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It is right at this point to indicate that different people have different abilities, expertise, qualities, qualifications and proven skills. The questions to be answered “do the attitudes towards different people demonstrate an understanding of these qualities of workers?’’ And does this have a positive impact on outputs at workplace? Pointed by Cohen (1998), if we are incapable of detecting bias in the societies properly we could be strictly undervaluing the immense advantage that comes with free policy in dispensing inequality and equalizing endowments to uplift the success of the less privileged.

The objective of this research project is examining the basic setting of the worker- business relationship. This objective will try to follow up the movement in the behavioral attitudes of senior associate in management towards their juniors. It will demonstrate how junior members of the organization will respond back.

The purpose of this research is to reconstruct what an ethic group represents; what diversity education brings: understanding the people, the knowledge of self, possible ways to overcome the existing cultural gaps, the need to see beyond your own perspective, necessary ways of reducing tensions between groups and the ability to build strong and virtual teams.

There is enough documentation on ethics at the work place. Kottak, Conrad, (2008) in his work of cultural anthropology looked at human diversity and the smashing success it can have on the society for those who can use it rightly. According to Gentile adopting ethical dilemmas as part of normal business issues helps one to deal with the pressure fueling uncertainty that they bring. Gather evidence and find the appropriate contact and bring your rationale for doing the right thing. Even when dealing with ethical questions rationally, the very nature these problems can still generate the stress levels to rise.

John Maxwell, known as America’s expert on leadership argues that half of all the conflicts and controversies that occur among individuals are as cause not only by their differences of opinions or inability to accept, but by lack of understanding each another. This means we would be addressing people’s needs, desires and wants. Every single day there news all over, over the rising racist behaviors at the work place, that is a large company and small losing market share and this has led to a detrimental effect on profitability group work and innovation thus impacting negatively on the companies’ performance. On the same note, lack sufficient knowledge in regard to others is a perennial source of misunderstanding and conflicts in the society (Conrad, 2008).

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As part of the methodology, I will employ an advanced research design with the target population of 10000 workers for I look forward for a dedicated accuracy based on my objectives. I will use cluster sampling technique with a sample size of 150 workers. I chose these techniques over other techniques for the simple reasons, improved precision, reduced cost since cluster often carries almost similar features and costs of travel are minimized. I will calculate the correlation analysis to determine the relationship between racism and skill level of workers. A regression analysis will be used to incorporate variables like skin color, expertise, gender and sector or institution of work all as dependent variables and attitude for discrimination as independent variables.

For better presentation of the analyzed information, I will use graphs and pie charts. The total budget estimate is 1500 dollars covering questionnaire materials, stationary, cost of food and unforeseen contingencies. From this project, I will use physical variables that intend to learn human, physical variations. The main reason I will use the above methods is simply to make it easier for organizations to enact anti-discriminatory training to align with set laws, foster harmony and enhance better teamwork. Diversity and inclusion push forward to address quests on corporate maladies.

The following are the ethical issues of this project. The extremely basic concern of the research will be the safety during the whole project as some individuals will feel threatened if their secrets are out. I will carefully consider the risk/benefit ratio, making use of the necessary information by the allow creation of an informed decision and by giving a cross monitor of the project progress. I also look forward obtain an informed consent from each sampling unit. I will ask their consent orally by trying to clarify any pertinent issues that will possibly emerge. I will strife ensure that an informed consent is an ongoing process and not necessarily a formality. With exceptional care, I look forward to enumerating the best privacy and confidentiality by giving it the professionalism it undoubtedly deserves.

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I will be sensitive to protect the information given by the respondents away from unscrupulous and authorized persons. I am prepared well to disclose to the respondents any noteworthy issue for clarity’s sake. I have made adequate preparations for tackle adverse events. I am fully read to respect each sampling unit and information given by him as an informed decision. Before the actual data collection, I will ensure that the respondents receive the full disclosure of the nature of study any possible threatening risk, possible benefits and alternatives and give the opportunity to ask questions. I will apply the principle of autonomy. I will also apply the principle beneficence trying hard to maximize the benefit for this sole opportunity and minimizing unnecessary risks. Lastly I will apply the principle of justice that does not discriminate.

Another issue is doubt about responsibility. Limited power and authority is another cause stress when working on ethical questions at the place of work. It does not matter if that lack of power is real or perceived. Junior and new employees are particularly not only affected but also prone to this feeling of powerlessness. The possible reason for this feeling could be the acts of the organization are going against what they stand for; their values. Others are content with the situation and hear them say ‘no immense deal’ it is accustoming of the day. Always have the need to change your mind set by making your ease, regardless of your level of command. Undoubtedly you will feel relieved and, you will substantially get help from your employer by making him change his ways of looking at things (Cohen, 1998).

Finally, it makes loyalty difficult. It is observed and confirmed that it is the nature of an employee to be loyal but any unethical behavior and unfavorable attitudes towards them will unquestionably be unwelcome. For them is an appreciation with better treatment and by making them loving your company hard, saying is an article by Barbara Seifert for ‘’Forbes.’’. The desire by an enthusiastic young employee wanting to be a team leader and seeing unquestionable behavior from his senior fosters stressful feelings and a sense of hopelessness (Cohen, 1998)

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As part of my preparation towards this research, I want to say that I have the potential and the capability to make it a success. First, the following are some of course I have undertaken in my study of cultural anthropology. They include International Migration in social sciences: An Interdisciplinary Introduction to migration and development, Migration and globalization, Critical Migration Studies discussion seminar, two options courses chosen by the student which included: Mobility, Governance and the State and Trans nationalism, Multiculturalism and Cosmopolitanism and qualitative and quantitative research methods. I have also taken an adequate number of assessment combines essays, unseen written exams, a dissertation and research methods projects.

My next plan is up scale my career as my ideas develop and respond to intellectual and practical challenges. As my degree program unfolds, I am greatly encouraged to continue the conversation about my plan with advisors and my peers. It is a brilliant idea to amend the written document as I make the adjustments and change my course, but there will be no formal review after the one with my academic advisors.

The limitations of this project mainly arise from the authenticity of the information that is given by the workers. Time constraint might also have an effect on the amount of information collected ,in fact, it will require a lot of emphasis. And lastly the adequacy of the resources availability and requirements poses another threat as this might affect the precision and reliability of the results.

In conclusion, the investigation will unfold the state and situation of behavioral attitudes of workers towards each other at the work place. The researcher intends to carry it out with the utmost professionalism guided by the principles of research discipline and ethics. Finally, he will find out values and practices based on opinion and moral of the work force.