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Real Life Research

How might a bank use this information?

All financial institutions, like all other businesses desire to increase the number of their customers (Liang, 2009). The research done by Mintel is important and can be used by any bank to reach out for the consumers who in the 18-34 age bracket. The younger consumers form a major percentage of the potential customers of any bank.  Any bank can therefore utilize the information obtained by Mintel to exploit this group.

Could this research have been conducted over the internet? What other means might have been used to gather the data?

This research could not have been done over the internet. This is because up to 40 % of the respondents “don’t trust transactions on the Internet.” Thus, for Mintel to come out with accurate information, they must use a different means in gathering information. The other preferable means that they may have used is the questionnaire. This is because it involves one on one talk with the respondents, making it the most accurate form of collecting data. 

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Is this basic or applied research? Why?

This is applied research. It is designed to solve a practical problem. Any interested financial institution can use the information obtained in the research to recruit more customers.

What other type of marketing research information might a bank need to effectively market to young consumers?

The other types of marketing research information that could be used include Ad tracking, Advertising research, Brand equity research, Brand association research and commercial eye tracking research. Commercial eye tracking research involves examining advertisements or websites. From this analysis, the visual behavior of consumers can be known. Ad tracking is the continuous in-market research, which involve examination of a brands performance (Anand, 2010). The measures that can be used are brand awareness and product usage.