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A Change in the Way You Deal with Other People

In the course of the entire life, we meet different people. They may either cause essential changes in our life or not leave any traces in it at all. Therefore, some of the people we get acquainted with become our best friends who support us in the hour of need and remain with us for good.

At the same time, there are our enemies who are able to make only negative changes. The way a person deals with other people depends on many factors, including one’s character, behavior, origin and views. However, the most effective factors that contribute profoundly to the process and consequences of people’s interaction are the communication skills and treatment of the others.

In the contemporary world, there is the tendency to reduction of the live communication among people. Mostly, it is due to the fact that the tempo of life is very fast nowadays. People must be active, hardworking and patient in order to implement their dreams and achieve success. There remains little time for such indispensable things as friendship, communication and spending time with the loved ones.

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Therefore, the lack of communication is considered as one of the main factors that lead to essential difficulties that negatively affect the process and results of people’s interaction. Thus, in most cases, the inability to communicate with other people results in significant impediments to interaction and problems connected with the way people are dealing with each other. Hanfling asserts that “it refers to all people around the world and impacts the ease of leading a balancing life” (2008, p. 167).

Furthermore, if people reduce or avoid communication, their personality may suffer from stress, and this, in its turn, may cause various conflict situations. If people are eager to improve the way they deal with other people, they should learn how to save their relationships and settle all conflict situations. Moreover, people need to learn the art of appropriate and polite communication. Thus, the lack of communication is an apparent impediment to a proper interaction between people that influences the main spheres of life of the contemporary society in a negative way.

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Traditionally, it is believed that the most effective way to deal with other people successfully is to change something about oneself. Hanfling (2008) argues that people who are not satisfied with the relationships with other people should “overlook of what they have done and how they could make the situation better”. It is necessary to learn to be open-minded, thoughtful, understanding and sympathetic in dealing with other people. This will ensure positive changes in the way the people treat each other. Thus, in order to solve the issue of poor interaction between each other, one should take into account the way one acts and consider the views of the others. One more important thing one should keep in mind in order to improve the situation is an increase in live communication. If people manage to do this, all other aspects will be easily settled.

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