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Analysing Various Research Methods

Research refers to the process of gathering information. To be able to make sound decisions, we need to have adequate information. Therefore, research entails the process of advancing knowledge created in the past. A research takes place to solve a problem. To achieve this, one requires to set time, effort, and where applicable, some money to be able to collect the required information necessary in making sound decisions.

I carried out a survey on the most popular soft drink consumed. The results indicated that the most popular soft drink is soda. In most stores, a soda would not miss. Soda is a carbonated beverage. It does not contain any nutritive value, but it is consumed in high amounts mainly by children and young adults. During the survey, I discovered that 70% of preschool children and 50% of infant school children consume soft drinks (soda). Sodas contain high volumes of calories, sugars and contain food additives such as caffeine, colours, and flavours. The presence of high-sugar levels makes them to be sweet hence its popularity among the children.

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The research carried out was quantitative research. The research was all about quantifying relationships between variables. The variable in this case is the soft drinks. One expresses the relationship of a variable using the effect of statistics such as correlations or relative frequencies. This research is a quantitative research as it involves the creating a hypothesis and identifying the statistics to explain research findings. In this case, the number of individuals who consume soft drinks in relation to the popular soft drink consumed.

Quantitative research has its advantages. It allows the researcher to measure and analyze data. One can determine the relationship between variables being studied with ease. The researcher can then make object details of the evidence collected. One is also able to track progress of the findings over time. Further to that, the researcher can also get precise measurements in all areas of study. There is also easy feedback.

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The main disadvantage of quantitative research is that one easily ignores the context of the study. Another disadvantage of quantitative research is that to obtain accurate information; one has to sample a large population. With a large population, the results of information collected are more statistically accurate. The exercise is time consuming. The process requires adequate planning before carrying out the study.

Media uses social and behavior research to obtain its findings from members of the public. Taking a case study on an article, in the second page of Burton Times, the school newspaper of Burton elementary School. The magazine was dated, Thursday, 23 June 2005. The story was about whether dogs and cats experience emotions. For those who are not sensitive to animals, this story seems fishy. Dogs and cats are pets. Despite being mammals like humans, they do not respond to certain external stimuli as humans do. Thus, they should not be able to experience emotions.

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This is a clear example of how a research should not be conducted. The first and most important element is that we should avoid making assumptions. We have already made assumptions of the study. When carrying out a research, we may consider our experiences represent the audience at large while it may not be the case. Decisions ought to be based on data and not speculations. Secondly, we should avoid conducting unnecessary research. Most researchers fail to use the data they have and instead conduct additional research.

We should also avoid relying on customer interviews and focus groups. Instead, we should carry out in-depth surveys providing greater insight into the customer preferences. This gives an accurate data to analyze. More to that, we should not dismiss results. Most researchers ignore results of findings and dismiss the results when they are not line with the researchers’ decisions and the way of thinking. Lastly, when carrying out a research, one should not use friends as a sample group. Friends will always be biased on individual feelings. They will often give answers in relations to what the researcher feels and wants to hear. Many times, this may not be the actual findings.

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From the article, by Wysocki 18, the article talks about the gay and lesbian relations. The author uses the internet to carry out a survey on the lesbian relations. The author uses questionnaires posted in the website talking of gay relations. The lesbians and gay parties, on the other hand, feel that the views of the interviewers are correct and that they were talking the truth. This is an example of a qualitative research. Here, the author uses interviews to explain the research findings. Qualitative research relies on evidence rather than a more generalized research. Qualitative research makes the researcher get a deeper understanding of the research topic. Thus, a qualitative researcher conducts an in-depth interview, interacts with the participants and finally makes his/her own observations.