Free «Film Critique: Erin Brockovich» Essay Sample

Film Critique: Erin Brockovich


1. Discuss survey research.

Survey research refers to the method of collecting data from surveys and statistical data to come up with reliable and sociological information. It uses questions from statistical data or survey. Survey research is a method that a researcher uses in order to provide the correct information about something or someone. In addition, it gives an elaborate data that is vital.

2. What method was used by the characters in the film to gather data?

In her well-documented film, Erin Brockovich, Erin is concerned about Hinkley community. Most of the people in the community get sick very often. They are diagnosed with different diseases every now and then. Particularly, Donna Jensen’s family goes to hospitals a lot of times per year. This makes the family members weak, financially unstable, and hopeless. They do not understand the reason of their frequent illnesses. Erin is interested to know why the community is affected by numerous diseases that do not have a defined cause. In this case, she decided to collect data that would help her determine the causes of the illness. Erin collects data using observation method. She observes the community and the environment, as well as the water the community uses and the culture of it. This way, she is able to come up with the idea that the drinking water the community is consuming is the problem. The Pacific Gas and Electric Company lies to the community that the water it provides is safe. Unfortunately, the water is unhealthy for human consumption and causes a lot of health complications.  In addition, Erin gets information about the cause of the disease through questioning some community members. The respondents reveal that they started experiencing health problems when they started drinking water from the PGE Company (Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment , 2011).

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3. How was a needs assessment conducted by the researcher in the film?

Erin conducted a needs assessment for the Hinkley community. She had discovered that the community was needy, as it experienced numerous illnesses within short durations. Therefore, she observed the community keenly by staying within it. In fact, she does not give her family as much time as she dedicated to the community. On the same night, she read several books, magazines and newspapers about the community. She questioned people from different families and obtained information on their needs. Similarly, Erin went to court and could easily asses the data on the people’s needs from the information given legally about the case. Additionally, Erin compared the neighbouring community with the Hinkley community and noticed the gaps in need. Communities that did not use unsafe water did not have as much needs as the Hinkley community. This way, she was able to identify the needs of this community and the needs of Kettleman Hills community as well (Schwartz, (2010).

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4. How was the needs assessment used to obtain information about the prevalence, distribution, and interrelations of variables within the affected population? 

Through the need assessment, the researcher managed to obtain information about the prevalence distribution and interrelations of variables within the affected population. This happened due to the understanding of what the community needed. On the same note, most of the needs of the community were caused by lies, dishonesty, and disrespect to humankind by a group of selfish and malicious people. In this case, the researcher was able to relate the causes and effects of activities that made the population needy (Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment , 2011).

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5. Discuss ethical implications about the researcher’s actions.   

Erin obtained a lot of information from her research. There are several ethical implications that resulted from her research. Firstly, through her study the community managed to understand the causes of their frequent illnesses. Therefore, the people could now take precautions and avoid using the harmful water that was making them sick. Secondly, due to her actions the community learned the importance of honesty, truth, and selfness. Erin was determined to know the truth that made the community members frequently sick. She worked hard and sacrificed the time with her family to take care of the society. Consequently, she was able to understand the community needs and the causes of its problems. After discovering the problem she sued the people who had lied to the community. Her actions are ethically and morally right because the results are justifiable. Despite the fact that Erin had little education, she never gave up in her mission to see this community being liberated. The suffering she witnessed in the community made her do anything under her capacity to ensure the people will not suffer forever. This woman had no husband, but she was able to bring up her family well. Criticism from people did not stop her from her contribution to the society. She portrays characterization of a hardworking woman who is dedicated to achieving her dreams. Her determination liberates the community from the hands of the evil company that lied to the community for many years. This made everyone respect and love her. She values honesty, and this is what helped her achieve her goals (Maddaus, 2009).