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Children of the Machine

Over time people have been eagerly waiting for any development that would help them escape from their problems and offer solutions to improve work and lifestyle. As such, the introduction of technology was welcomed as a move to help with the improvement of people’s daily lives (Unstead 12). To some extent, technological advancement has played a significant role in the general revolution of the human life. However, the onset of technology has also had adverse effects on the lives of many people all over the world. This paper seeks to analyze the concept of the era of machines ushered by the twentieth century.

“We are at the dead season of our fortunes…We have been moved beyond endurance, and need rest. Never in the lifetime of men now has living had the universal element in the soul of man burnt so dimly” (Keynes 72). With such a quote, John Maynard Keynes implied that the twentieth century had come as the era that had brought about the use of machines due to the technological advancements (Keynes 72). As a result, people longed to add meaning to their life through the use of machines. However, contrary to these wishes, the advancement in technology has had a lot of impact on many aspects of the man’s life. For example, there was a need for the acquisition of answers regarding the psychological problems witnessed in the soldiers following the aftermath of the World War I. There was a portrayal of humans as beings that did not have souls by the artists such as Cubists. In addition, psychologists and expressionists depended on the sub-consciousness for answers, but in turn they found a dark side of the humanity.

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However, even though technology had all the above mentioned effects, it was evident that they were turning people into the creatures dependent on machines. Research has indicated that the concept of humanity was challenged by modern technology. The main problem that technology brought to the world was that humanity was no longer significant. With the advancement in technology, there is a continued state of facelessness as far as the human beings are supporting these developments (Keynes 17).

After looking at the state of things, it becomes evident that technology is here to stay, and each new day brings about an invention that adds to the problems caused by technology (Unstead 13). This implication means that technological effects are not going to seize any time soon. During the aftermath of the World War I, many people believed that the effects were short-lived, but this is not true anymore. Actually, the research has shown that technology would eventually turn people into the machines and make them more faceless each day. Nonetheless, technology would have been far more helpful if everything that came with it was more positive.

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Many scholars have carried out a lot of research regarding the concept of technology turning human beings into the machine-dependent creatures. The future of technology is questionable, though there is a speculation concerning the direction that it is following. In the light of technology turning people into the machines, a look at the future of technology would shed some light on the consequences of technological advancement. Robots are likely to take control of everything in the future. These robots will have an ability to surpass their masters in regards to the capability for carrying out duties. The robots will take control of the Internet space to search for the information aimed at making everyone complete. New communities will inhibit more space.

Perhaps one would think that these are mere speculations, but the truth is that technology allows machines to inhibit the human minds by giving them a part of the human intelligence. However, the main concern at the moment should be the question of whether there is a chance for the humans setting themselves free from such enslavement (Sundar 23). Based on the evidence above, it is likely that the world in the future will be full of machines. What will would happen to the man?

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According to John Maynard Keynes, it is undoubtful that the main reason of the men turning into machines is the introduction of technology. In spite of this fact, it is evident that while embracing the technology, nobody considered what the effects might have been. This problem would not have existed at root level if only thorough research had been done (Keynes 17). Therefore, there is a need for the estimated information about the effects of technology in the future with regard to the human lives.

Some of the solutions to the prolem of negative effects of technology include working out the meaning of technological advancement, acquiring information on how to deal with technology in all aspects of life, as well as avoiding blind embracing of the technology. Based on these solutions, it is recommended that people get information about any technology that comes their way to avoid future problems. However, the challenge is that many people embrace new technology without considering the future effects (Kirlik 2). If only people could be aware of the pros and cons of any technology, the future would be secured. Hence, the chances of technology changing people into the creatures depending on the machines would be minimal.