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Motorola Refer the Dubai Advert as the Longest Ever

The UAE Interact ad talks about Motorola Company and the claim of Motorola’s Dubai advert as the longest advert ever (UAE Interact 2012). This advert based in the Dubai international airport spans 222.65 meters long. One can take over five minutes to pass along the advert on the moving walkway of the airport. The advertisement also features nine lighted panels telling the Motorola’s formation story 80 years ago (UAE Interact 2012). Indeed, as Klein puts it, multinational companies try to sell a lifestyle to people rather than only a product or brand, and invade public spaces, harming various populations. Motorola views the Dubai longest indoor advert as something to shout about, stirring the company to apply to Guinness Global Records regarding this advert (UAE Interact, 2012).

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In today’s world, many companies advertise brands and products via complex combinations of images, texts and sounds. The advertisement consists of a large mall full of Motorola mobile phones (UAE Interact, 2012). This visual indoor advertising piece presents nine illuminated panels that tell the Motorola’s formation story. Signs include Motorola supplying the radio equipment for the 1969 NASA Moon landing, the first commercial cell phone in the world. The milestones also include the launch of the ultra-thin Razr cell phone handsets (UAE Interact, 2012).

In addition, the simple persuasion technique utilized power words, hyperbole and testimonies. According to the advert, the Motorola mobility, recently acquired by Google for 12.5 billion US dollars, declares they have created what the company believes the globe’s longest indoor advert. In another testimony, the Motorola mobile division marketing head asserts that there is no any other known bigger indoor visual ad than this piece (UAE Interact, 2012). Moreover, the company testifies that this advertisement, along with the coupled branding in the free area of Dubai has already paid off. The company confirms that it has taken barely three weeks, but Motorola has consequently seen roughly 40% uptake in the company’s sales in the terminal one (UAE Interact, 2012). Hyperboles also appear through Motorola’s application for inclusion in the Guinness Records Book regarding this advertisement (UAE Interact, 2012).

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The ad contains special effect added through the photo editing. Motorola applied photograph editing techniques to the images so as to create a deception or an illusion after the original snapshot took place. Creative retouching is utilized to make the images more sleek and attractive for the advertisement. In particular, the advert utilizes image compositing, since the artist used multiple pictures to create one image (UAE Interact, 2012). The mobile phone images in the ad draw the eyes’ attention. The image includes people walking towards the other end. The advertiser supersized the ad’s objects and used a blend of colors including pink, orange and black to enhance the image (UAE Interact, 2012). These visual effects used to make the images more interesting for the advertisement, with the overall goal of customer persuasion.

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The ad tries to tell the story of Motorola Company’s longest Dubai advert. The ad describes the features of this publication and how it benefits the company. Additionally, the ad illustrates Motorola’s longest indoor advertisement’s associated branding, along with the sales the company has made through this long advertising. The ad portrays Motorola mobile phone brands, trying to strengthen the company’s brand image (UAE Interact, 2012). The advertiser attempts to make the customers believe that Motorola’s mobile phone brands are the best in the market.

The ad utilizes the market growth strategies, particularly, the brand expansion strategy. The ad runs as marketing plus brand bolstering strategy to add value to Motorola on top of the company’s assets plus the total annual sales. The ad has run since March 2012, and it is part of Motorola’s brand development series of ads (UAE Interact, 2012). The ad showcases the company’s products in an engaging advertisement format. The company hopes to benefit in reaching many customers, saving time and boosting efficiency through this product ad, whose target market is the UAEs and the whole world (UAE Interact, 2012).

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In conclusion, Motorola’s longest visual indoor advertisement based in Dubai international airport and spans 222.65 meters. The company claims that the advert alongside the allied branding in the free area of Dubai has already paid off through a 40% uptake in Motorola’s sales in the terminal one (UAE Interact, 2012). The ad runs for marketing and brand strengthening strategy to add value to Motorola Company.