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Financial Information


The website contains financial information that includes stock updates, stock prices, investor information, personal finances portfolios and current financial news. The website also provides summary information on the publically traded companies. This information can enable an individual get the basic information on the various companies trading in the stock exchange. There also daily trading news with the current stock prices for the various companies that are traded publically. It also shows the various stock movements and the changes in prices for all the firms trading in the stock exchange. The website also provides the daily top financial news alerting the investors on the various changes or happenings in the business world as well as the various daily stock analyses. The stock analysis also includes the industrial averages that basically provide daily trading information of the top companies in the stock exchange.

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The indices used includes the Dow Jones index, NASDAQ, S&P 500 for the top USA companies .a similar stock tracking averages for the European companies and Asian companies. Additionally trading information on government bonds and securities is also provided in the website as well as the daily prices for gold, oil and daily exchange rates for the top foreign currencies such as the euro, Yen, UK pound and their daily rate changes .The website also contains the various interest rates that are charged by lenders such as credit cards companies, mortgage providers and bank lending rates as well as saving rates for the various financial institutions.

The Dow Jones industrial average is one of the stocks tracking index that shows the daily trading averages for thirty chosen top public corporations. The Dow index provides daily market activity information by gauging the average prices for the top thirty public corporations. It is one of the benchmark indices that are used as a daily indicator for market activity in the stock exchange.