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Swimming Phobia

In the following paper I am going to discuss on how I feared attending swimming classes and how the experience made me discover and explore my talent afterwards. I will also touch on how I attempted to overcome my water phobic character by attending swimming classes. One of the biggest things I learned from this class is that water is dangerous but also useful in human life (Leon, 88). I am someone who liked watching people swim and envy them but at the same time had that phobia of getting into the water for fear of drowning.

My other worry that made me become water phobic was that, I did not know how to hold my breath for long that will ensure proper breathing. The worst of it all was balancing in the water to allow floating was also my weakness (Leon, 88). However, I decided to take swimming classes with my ambitions in life and also for fun. My dad who was my mentor ensured that my goals are achieved by adding my name on the book of greatest swimmers my school ever had. I truly wanted to know what swimming entails and this made me enroll for swimming classes in Montgomery professional school for divers.

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Even though I had difficulties with this class, I did enjoy the practical part of diving on shallow waters with safety clothes or life savers all over our bodies. I had never been in water before and it was enjoyable but also a little frustrating. I tried to swim with a very fast speed thinking that I am the best swimmer imitating my role model James Hopkins of New Jersey and it proved to be a very difficult test to me. Sometimes after swimming for some minutes and then imagined that am through, I only but found myself at the same place and my eyes could not see well for a moment, water full in my mouth and the coach staring with the instructor busting into laughter.

By doing all this practical’s I learned and since I was so keen to put into practice what we had been taught earlier in class each day ensured massive improvement on my side and managed to acquire skills which enabled me to use each day during practice. After few classes I could float on water and during my free time I used to visit the swimming pool in school and enjoyed the company of other great swimmers who acknowledged my presence and efforts as far as it was concerned.

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My passion and goals in swimming classes started when I was very young and after learning how to float and navigate while controlling my breath made my phobia disappear. My strength showed up because I had gained confidence and was ready to learn new things that will enable me to achieve my goals and dreams of becoming the greatest swimmer of my time. My difficulties were slow progress on my speed in swimming; nevertheless, I tried to overcome that by ensuring I learn more moves from my hero and role model Hopkins that made him become the best in the world.

Then I applied them when competing with the best swimmers in our schools and it turned out positively when I managed to defeat them. I think the class organized and after learning the moves helping a swimmer to move faster in water my instructor allowed us to practice more on them and by this time I was as fast as water predator shark for that was the new name from the school crowd after winning several competitions organized within or outside our school. The swimming classes made me a professional swimmer and my talent and dreams were vividly seen.