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The United States presidential race is not just drawing attention to the Americans but it is also being observed by the other states globally. Overall, the American image remains positive, hence, an indication that the campaign has not triggered any challenges might make people evade from doing business with it. Therefore, this paper aims at analyzing how the American presidential election is being viewed by the other people globally and enumerates the issues related to immigration reforms.

Kramnick et al. (2008), reveals that the presidential election somewhat looks overcrowded and dangerous but such events have not led to negative results that might make the country irrelevant. An example is noted with Trump who claims to be worth billions and explains that his net worth varies from day to day or according to his mood. Whereas Hillary Clinton states that by the time they left State House, they were dead broke. Trump, on the other hand, openly tells Americans how rich he is, hence, indicating that the presidential elections for the Americans is one of a kind. Fortunately, Americans tend to love bad taste, therefore, confirming the reason for supporting Trump despite his arrogance.

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the chairman and president of the Trump Organization, the chairman of Trump Plaza Associates, LLC, and the chairman of Trump Atlantic City Associates. The services offered by the Republican candidate indicate that he is a person who has already established his empire on the basis of success. The question surrounding the primary election is associated with how Trump will win the remaining 1,237 delegates required to attain the nomination prior to the Republican convention by July. Evidently, Trump was disappointed in Wisconsin and Colorado. Moreover, he seeks to reach the path to outright delegate majority rights in the Republican Party. As the result, Trump, being the primary candidate for the Republican Party, has a fundamental attribute sought for concerning the contents of the American presidential elections.

The candidate has targeted to gain his objective on June 7th in California by winning the convention. The key issues that Trump is advocating for are healthcare reforms, tax reform, Veteran’s Administration reform, second amendment rights, and issues related to immigration reforms. What Trump is supporting belongs to the factor that has edged him from his competitors presenting his peculiar trait towards people. Trump does not care about what people say about him and, as a result, he is able to campaign with ease and comfort. Fundamentally, Trump is a major presidential candidate who has not held any political office but is likely to be chosen as the President of the United States.  

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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has worked for a political party as the United States Secretary, United States Senator, and the first lady of the United States. Since Hillary Clinton has been in the political limelight of the United States, she is a pivotal political giant with the ability to generate results that will contribute to voting for her as the President of the United States. The experience attained by this candidate indicates that she is suitable for the post because she is aware of the necessary measures to take and the reforms to implement in the United States. In addition, the events that happened in New York apparently show that Hillary Clinton is the likely candidate for the Democratic Party. Before her win, there were opinions that Sanders was better placed but Clinton did well on her part because she defeated him with a large margin.

The process in New York was not easy as Hillary Clinton was able to lose a number of times before finally reaching her objective as the leader. She delivered a worthy speech that signified her readiness to battle either Trump or Ted Cruz. The implication of her triumph in New York indicates that she is the probable candidate for the Democratic Party because of her nature to lead in such primaries. The goal of Hillary Clinton as the presidential candidate of the United States concerns raising the middle class income, making college affordable, improving the contents of the Affordable Care Act, and establishing a Universal Preschool. The aspects Clinton is aiming at prove that she is considering the needs of the Americans from a general point of view. Thus, her objectives might actually turn positive basing on the fact that she is likely to be the main presidential candidate for Democratic Party.

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Bernie Sanders

He has also worked in the political limelight as the United States Senator, mayor, and as a member of the United States House of Representatives. Judging from perspective that Sanders has held a political office, he is in the position to control a bigger political power such as the presidency on the Democratic Party. The manners with which elections are being conducted under Sanders demonstrate that he is likely to support Clinton. The rationale is based on the fact that he has not been able to counter the campaign approach utilized by Clinton. Eventually, Sanders will probably concede. The primary goals of Sanders implemented for the people of the United States include decreasing the burden of student debt, enhancing Social Security benefits, raising the minimum wage, making public colleges and universities tuition free, and providing universal healthcare. Fundamentally, he also aims at offering Americans what they deserve because it is their rights as citizens.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is a presidential candidate of the Republican Party who has held a political office as the Senator of the United States and as a Solicitor General. He is a potential candidate because he promises to offer free trade opposed to the higher minimum wage, abolition of the IRS as well as establish an American flat tax. He is presumed to be the primary candidate to counter Trump in the Republican Party. Unfortunately, he has not successfully attained the objective of opposing Trump to date. Therefore, Cruz is the main competitor for Trump because he perceives that he can defeat Trump and be the central presidential candidate for the Republican Party.