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Libya Disaster

Libya is one of the countries in Africa, known for having suffered for a long time from the totalitarian mode of leadership. Even with the coming to power of Colonel Muammar Qadhafi, four decades ago, no notable change has been witnessed in regard to the governance of the country, due to spontaneous inhuman behaviors occasionally witnessed in his government. For example, many a times, his government has been blamed for the unlawful killing of its citizens who protest against his forceful rule of Colonel Muammar Qadhafi in Libya (Global 793). However, this was not taken as a crisis by the international community’s until recently when the citizens started peaceful rioting in February to protest against Muammar Qadhafi mode of governance.

The Libyan crisis results due to the demand of the Libyan civilians to stop the current regime and political democracy. Many political analysts have seen his government as being tyrannical and even deprive the creation of any political party in the country apart from the ruling party. His government has been further accused for rampant corruption as his is indicted of amassing a lot of wealth from the oil reserves in the country, an asset that is known for generating revenue to the government (Global 793). This act has been highly opposed by the civilians leading to rioting in Libya. In responding to this rebellion, Qadhafi has decided to resort to being brutal and even threatening to do away with the lives of those rebellious forces trying to oppose his rule.

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The peaceful rioting which just started as a search for democratic rights of the common citizens in a region long ruled by totalitarian government of Colonel Muammar Qadhafi has been currently on the widespread in the region to an extent that it has even made a turning point of causing a violent onslaught in Libya. Due to this rapid escalation of the Libyan crisis, the common citizens have been forced to use fire arms to free themselves from totalitarian rule of president Qadhafi. This escalation was even furthered by defection of some soldiers from the military. However, this has not yield any fruit to the disorganized rioting citizens as they have been out-gunned by president Qadhafi’s forces.

This has therefore made president Qadhafi through the use of military forces to cause more attack to the ordinary citizens. Hence, the antagonistic civilians as a way of stopping the bloodshed caused by president Qadhafi’s army, have called for international communities to intervene by creating a no-fly zone in Libya. Despite the slow response, this idea was highly welcomed by the western countries with the view of preventing the ongoing inhumanity caused by president Qadhafi’s regime (Asli). This idea of western intervention has since then raised a lot of questions as to whether the intervention guanine. (Global 793)

With the uprising rapidly continuing, Qadhafi is not pleased and in March, Qadhafi attempted demolishes all the resisting groups in Libya. In this effort, the government of president Qadhafi using the military began to attack Benghazi, a region that as believed by Qadhafi to be the operational base for these rebellious groups opened a transitional national council. Despite all these happenings, western communities still feared to act as they still wanted the support of the Arab league communities. But with the worsening of the war, many western communities like United States and France became shaky, situation in regard to the global peace and the rights of civilians in Libya (Pepe). As a result, they decided to intervene under restriction that Qadhafi was neither to be removed from power nor attacked using armed forces but to create no-fly zone to protect the civilians.

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However, after the authorization of a no-fly zone, French started to fire their missiles in Libya using their jets, an act which was seen to be contradicting the resolutions which had been reached before. However, this bombing was met with a lot of questions as the Arab League communities began to question if the bombing was in-line with the implementation of a no-fly zone. In addition, (Global 792) even Middle East communities have also created an opposition to the western intervention to the Libyan crisis an idea that has affected the intervention process. According to the league’s secretary general Amr Moussa, most Arab league members were not for the support of western intervention and even those that voted in for it wishes to reconsider their stand.

In the attempt to justify their takeoff regarding to the intervention of western in the Libyan crisis, the Arab League claims that the authorization of no-fly zone by the United Nation Security Council was unnecessary if it was really meant to seize president Qadhafi’s regime and protecting the civilian population from unlawful killings(Edward). According to Asli Bali, there were also suggestions by the International Crisis Group that peacekeepers should have been sent to Libya prior to the UN Resolution so as to a barrier between president Qadhafi and the civilians thereby preventing any further claims of lost lives by the civilians. However, diplomatic efforts were to be still put in place so as to ask Qadhafi to step down or transform his governance regime (Asli).

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The Libyan crisis has since grown due to a number of factors. Most importantly, most of the opposing forces are unskilled soldiers. Due to this, these soldiers tend to ineffective in their demand for stepping down of Qadhafi who has a well trained army with modern armaments. Despite an alliance bombing being one of the ways to strengthen the civilian forces, civilian forces have not capitalized on this factor but instead continued to lose stability thereby hindering their activities. Another challenge facing the civilian forces in fighting for democratic rights is the inability to differentiate on air between their enemies and the fellow rebels or those who have brought help to the injured people during the war. This is seen as risk y the civilian forces to hit their fellow rebellions. Finally, according to many nations especially from Arab states, the intervention of western states in the Libyan crisis is attributed to oil found in Libya.

In this claim, they argue that ever since, the west have supported the ruthless and dictatorial regime in Libya since they could still be able to secure their national interests like energy access and control and even the safeguarding of the important geostrategic areas in the country. In addition, as one of the African country, the African union has also greatly participated in trying to solve the Libyan crisis the Libyan crisis. One such great effort is resolution reached during the AU summit which resolved to creating transitional government in Libya and championing for democratic elections to meet the demands of the Libyans something which tends to be the major cause of the crisis.

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In a nutshell, current rebellion witnessed against the regime of Muammar Qadhafi in Libya has greatly the world political arena thus causing need for both local and international debate(Chris). The pitch of what seemed to be just a mere demand political rights of the civilians has taken a new turn point to what is now seen by many international communities as practice of inhumanity in the country which for a long time has been known for being resourceful in terms of economy. This has therefore attracted many states and organization to come and save the dying Libya. However, these efforts are still underway and should be implemented with a lot of caution to ensure that the lives of the Libyan people and their economy is protected and preserved.