Free «Progressivism and the Election of 1912» Essay Sample

Progressivism and the Election of 1912

Theodore Roosevelt in his presidency campaigns during the progressive era stated that political parties existed in order to secure responsible administration and execution of the people’s will. He wanted a new administration, which was unlike the old where politicians used it as a means of corruption and enriching themselves. He believed in the rule of the people and promised industrial and social strength. He also promised to end child labor and abolish contract labor system by establishing a minimum wage.

However, his actions when he assumed office differed from his promises during the campaign period. When Theodore started his tenure, he felt the need to empower people through government regulation to ensure economic opportunities and social justice to all people. Despite this, he did not suggest any change in the society or the economy to deal with the various economic and social evils. Through in his campaigns he promised to eradicate the evils of the big business, he did not abolish it when he got to office since he believed that the big businesses were part of any maturing economy.

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On a positive note, Theodore believed in the government’s rights in the regulation of the big businesses I attempts to protect the society’s welfare. Consequently, he enforced the Antitrust Act in 1890, which gave warning to companies that operated without regard to the society’s welfare. He also pushed for railway regulation, which aimed at regulating the shipping rates for all railroads. This faced some resistance from the senate but was ultimately accepted. Theodore gets the credit for being America’s first conservation president, and he talked of the need to preserve mountain ranges and woodlands. According to him, such places would be used for retreats and refuge. Consequently, he pushed for the Newlands Reclamation Bill that led to the construction of reservoirsand irrigations in attempts to promote agriculture in the West, which was arid.

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Wilson’s campaigns and actions in office did not differ a lot. His campaigns were filled with promises of progress, and this is what he did while he assumed office. Woodrow Wilson became the elected president of the United States of America after two years only as the New Jersey Governor. While his speech dabbed The New Nationalism in 1910, he emphasized on the need of the government of the day to control capitalism and ensure equality for all Americans. He explains the importance of the crises America has gone through in the past in shaping the future politics and economy. He explains how labor is important compared to capital and the relation between the two in ensuring economic prosperity. He emphasized on the need to ensure equality among all people as equality was the backbone of prosperity, without which conflicts would inevitable. This would hinder development.

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Woodrow Wilson remains one of the greatest presidents of the United States of America. His presidency had a progressive agenda all along and laid the basis for the modern activist’s presidency. He altered the character and the nature of the highest office fundamentally, from a lesser partner to the congress to a more superior office. His first focus was tariff reform, aimed at reducing the tariffs especially in the West and the South. He then started tackling banking reforms and currency problems. Consequently, he pushed for the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which would ensure the formation of state controlled banks that would regulate the amounts of currency in the economy.

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When he became president, he adopted very aggressive policies especially in foreign affairs. He aimed at revising the imperialist approach of the previous administrations and promised independence to people from other nations like Philippines and Puerto Rica. During the world war 1, his country remained adopted a neutral position until the Germans attacked its marines. This meant that the impact of the war was not as significant as other countries. He also nominated Louis Brandeis to assist in the fight against exploitation of children and women.