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The Impact of Public Politics


Public politics pertains to actions performed by executive branches of the state so as to conform to the law and institutional customs. It is a tool that solves problems efficiently, thus serving justice by encouraging active citizenship. The issue revolves around funding priorities and regulatory measures that ensure peaceful co-existence. Such a situation benefits the Hispanic groups because the policies address their needs. In regard to advanced nursing profession, public politics has been useful in resolving on-going healthcare inequalities between racial and ethnic minorities. The paper lays an emphasis on the impact that public politics has on the Hispanic community. The argument is illustrated by pinpointing problems faced by the Hispanics and how these measures attempt to address such issues. Additionally, the paper explains how public politics relates to the advanced nursing profession.


Public politics acknowledges that the Hispanic community can be served better by financing non-profit institutions. In fact, once a family earns financial stability, it will extend its resources to those striving for a better life. However, even though public politics applies these measures in governing a society, the policies can be controversial or oppressive depending on someone’s perspective. In minority communities, people often criticize policies that marginalize them. Such issues encompass marriage equality, poverty, and women’s reproductive rights (Perales & Ramos, 2010). The policies have had an impact of encouraging and empowering more Hispanics to take part in leadership positions. The drive stems from the acknowledgement that mentoring Hispanics can make them become better members of the society.

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The problem affecting Hispanic community is declining public education and the increasing cost of university education. In fact, these expenditures are surpassing the inflation rates. Moreover, public politics also acknowledges that higher learning institutions are not doing enough to engage the Hispanics in their system. Similarly, most schools do not have courses in Spanish language, thus making the minorities feel unwelcomed. The solution to this issue has been the deployment of different student bodies with teachers that can work with diverse populations (Perales & Ramos, 2010). The students can also be acquainted with such programs as running start that offers college credits.

Another problem is that most Hispanics have grown up in poverty. Their main source of livelihood is wage jobs which are vulnerable to displacement. This factor results in the lack of proper healthcare and other family-related services. In fact, the Hispanic Americans make up the large proportion of the individuals without health insurance despite the US huge healthcare expenditures (DeNisco & Barker, 2015). However, the dynamics of public policies has been undergoing structural changes to ensure a reduction in operation costs and consolidation of services (Huston, 2014). The steps have led to the instigation of health maintenance organizations (HMO) which integrate facilities, hence grant controlling costs. Subsequently, this factor has resulted in the implementation of the relevant policies, such as Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) (Stokes-Brown, 2012). The steps are taken to ensure that the Hispanic Americans can access healthcare facilities without experiencing racial discrimination. This circumstance shows how public politics have benefited the Hispanic community.

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According to the American governing system, every citizen should take part in some level of governance whereas the representation of Hispanics in the field has been low. There is also a perception that most Hispanics are not interested in  involvement in this sphere because most of their experiences have been negative (Stokes-Brown, 2012). The later causes a stereotype that the government is not to be trusted. The availability of affordable housing has also been limited. In addition, Hispanics have faced insensitivity to cultural issues since the majority of Americans disregard cultural beliefs. For instance, many women avoid prenatal care when it is administered by male doctors (Patel & Rushefsky, 2015). The point is that their cultural beliefs dictate that another man should not touch someone else’s wife. There has also been a lack of workforce diversity because most facilities are run and administered by white people. This makes the Hispanics to derive less trustworthy from these facilities. Pubic politics comes in by partnering with community health centers strategically located near Hispanic populations. Community health centers have been allowed to employing multilingual nurses, engaging Hispanic leaders, and conforming to cultural congruence.

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In light of advanced nursing profession, public politics has been useful in deploying proficient healthcare specialists that can handle chronic diseases (Patel & Rushefsky, 2015). Additionally, they should deliver care to the fullest extent of their education and training. Public politics have also advanced educational transformation in order to enhance the quality of education availed to professionals. The education will ensure that more nurses will attain advanced degrees to provide primary care and develop leadership abilities. Moreover, there should be a removal of barriers to practice and care as a way to improve inter-professional collaborations between health professionals and patients. This trend shows the implementation of policies that enable practice at a higher level and result to better patient outcomes (Huston, 2014). Moreover, inter-professional collaborations will enhance communication by drawing on individual as well as collective skills. Public politics, therefore, pays attention to the fact that quality improvement has been an administrative mandate.


Public politics has had an impact in improving the living conditions of the Hispanic population. This factor also means that the Nurses Association is a significant stakeholder in terms of influencing global and national policies. Similarly, improvement of the advanced nursing profession necessitates for valuable knowledge pertinent to health care needs. Additionally, in the realm of health care, striving for excellence and providing quality service is an ethical responsibility.