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Student Study Habits

I am going to research on student study habits. The research question for my research proposal is does spending more time on books translate to good grades in exams? It has been noted that many students do not have the relevant knowledge and skills to use in their studies so as to achieve good grades in their studies. They keep on getting bad grades yet keep on getting the same results each time. This has led to the rise of many exam irregularities with cheating being top among them. The research will be conducted in the university and will cover students from all faculties with each faculty being represented by 30 students. The data collected will be time spent by student on studies and their performance in their studies. The independent variable will be time as each student will have a time allocation of 24 hours per day. Time allocation to studies and grades achieved by the student will be the dependent variables.

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In order to measure the dependent variable, I will tally the time that each student uses as per his/ her response. The timetables of the different schools will also be put into scrutiny. In so doing, the time that each student takes on tuition will also be put into consideration and used to compare against students of the same faculty. Class attendance sheets will also be used to calculate the time that each student takes on tuition. Therefore, the overall tally will include the time taken on tuition, individual study time and also group work time allocation. The time will be recorded in hours and minutes.

The objective of the research is to find out the relationship between study time and grades that a student achieves in his/her studies. There has been a growing concern among the student on their grades. There is a recurrence situation when it comes to the grades achieved by students in all the faculties of education. Bad grades are assumed to be caused by poor time usage and also poor study habits that a student uses in his/ her studies. The variable will be measured by using the responses from the participants of the research study and also the available planning materials in the school which are timetables and class attendance sheets.

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The following is a summary of an article from Wycoski. The article compares studies that have been done on sexual characteristics of the American society. The article starts by analyzing the research done by Kinsey. Criticism is done on the study and the shortfalls of the sampling method are brought forward. The sampling was done on a population that was suspected to be sexually active hence making the sampling a purposeful sample. The article then analyses Williams article and criticize the sampling technique used on the study. The article then analyses the study by Januses and the sampling method used by the researcher. In the article, it is evident that a poor sampling method affects to a large extent the outcome of the research. A poor sampling method also affects the acceptability of a research. This is showed by Kinsey’s and Januses’ researches.

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In conclusion, the sampling technique is a vital aspect of the viability of a study. A sample should fully represent the population from which it is taken from so as to accept the outcome of the research as a representation of the conditions on the ground.