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Drug Abuse

This paper is a study about drug abuse. It also talks about the penalties which imposed to people who caught using the drugs in some countries such as Australia which prohibited by law. It also shows how it affects the brain and the cause that it makes to people and the consequences.

Substance abuse, are also known as drug abuse, the term refers to a state which is not favorable while, adapting its type of use of a gist that is not careful dependent. The term drug abuse does not prohibit reliance but is otherwise, used in a comparable manner in, nonmedical environment. The following are the Some of the drugs that are most often related with this term, and they include amphetamines, alcohol, barbiturates, cocaine, methaqualone, and “ opioids”. The utilization of these drugs may lead one to unlawful penalty in addition, to this, one may be physically damaged, affect social interactions, and psychological damage, both strongly depending on local authority (Slobodal, 2005).

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Countries such as Australia, it is against the law to possess, use, make, or start a business of selling and importing ecstasy, methamphetamine and related drugs whosoever. The only exception that is allowed is a case where a doctor suggests a certain medication for a patient who may contain the use amphetamines or any other related drug. Also, taking control of drug by using equipment is also against the law that may lead to a criminal penalty. The law suggests that if drugs are found in ones locker, home or other places the person in charge will be charged, unless they can prove to state that the drugs that are found in their homestead do not belong to them. The liability lies with the person actually to provide evidence. The penalties for drug offences differ depending on the sort of drug and the amount involved in it, as well as across the boundaries of territories of Australia. The general statute is that the larger of the number of the drug detained, the bigger the penalty.

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Typically, there are different types of penalties for illegal drug use that may be disputed to a person, depending on the brutality of the crime. The commonly known penalties that are used are civil penalties, criminal penalties and recreation programs. In the year 2008, random roadside drug testing was being introduced in almost all jurisdictions, in Australia, excluding the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and Northern Territory (NT). This was done in order to reduce the accidents that are caused by the motorist who use drugs and then drive carelessly. It was also to be introduced in the northern territory, but mostly it was limited to only truck drivers. The roadside drug testing was only used to other motorist in the northern part of Australia, if they are caught up in a car accident or, identified as driving dangerously (Great Britain 2010).

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The special effects of drugs on the brain can change slightly depending on the drug that is being used by an individual; nearly every drug that is abused has an effect and, this is what experts often call the managerial, operating areas of the brain. The operations of those parts can be recalled by thinking about the duty of the director officer in any organization: like his duties such as planning his work or duties of his office, organizing the duties of the organization, performing when it is time to work, as well as delaying on his duties or preventing case when it is appropriate. The areas of the brain that tend to harbor the managerial brain operations are the front parts of the brain. When ones take drugs, it is the inhibitory operations of the brain that are regularly weakened, causing in the person using drugs and, having difficulties stopping him from using drugs or, herself from performing on that the instinct brain would otherwise delay or prevent. This “disinhibition” may cause the person who is using drugs to engage in hostile action such as, sexual abuse, criminal, or other activities that can have harsh penalties for the person who is addicted to using drugs or those around him or her (Yale, 2008).

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Sexual harassment is regrettably fairly popular in the United States. The statistics show that, its only one in all five girls and, only one boy in all seven boys that are sexually abused by the time they reach adulthood. Also, it is only one woman in six adult women and only one man in every 33 adult men face an attempted or completed sexual assault in their lifetime. These acts are caused by a person who engages themselves in drugs (Siegel, 2008).

Drug abuse is a problem worldwide; it leads to social disruptions, loss of economy and finances. Some citizens are not able to work due to drugs. There is a lot of money used in rehabilitation and such illnesses such as cancers. Everyone has to put effort to combat the drug menace.