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A Case Study on Learning

Persuasive writing helps a lot to the students. There are students that are already decided on the subject and topic that they want to do. Most of these students will always have an easy time to write their assignment and submit them on time. There are students that cannot choose what they want to write in the paper. Such are the students that have to wait for the instruction of the teachers. Persuasive writing is whereby students write on a given subject only. In the past, a student could choose the topic he or she would want to write.

Given the reactions of the parents towards the writing done by one of the students, I would try to explain the reasons for the freedom of choice of the topic but the students. I would explain that the freedom of choice of writing gave the students room for creativity. This means that the students were free to create and compose what they liked most. It helps students to gain self esteem. On the same note, such writing also gives a chance to the tutor and lecturer to know the level of understanding of their students. When a student writes on their own topic of choice, they are able to make a persuasive essay. This way they also learn to be free to express their thoughts. They are entitled to freedom of expression and choice.

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I would set a limit on the topics to be written. For the sake of respecting other people’s religions in this exercise, the students will not be allowed to write on a selected religion. Instead, they would write a general topic that reflected on God. The writing then will be on the existence of a supreme being and not any religion. My attention would be based on the benefits of the student in terms of education. The students should have reached a point where they can choose a topic which they can make a discussion that others can learn. The choosing of discussion topic for them is limiting their knowledge, yet they came to learn. I would highly advocate that parents should let their children learn about the diverse types of religions. This way, they can make excellent and informed choices in life.

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For case 5.5 the Difficult Parent

Teachers play an exceptionally role in the lives of their students. The teachers are responsible for giving knowledge to the child by using the best ways possible. In addition, children need to be handled carefully in order to make them understand class work. The teacher requires to be creative to enhance participation of the children in class. Parent need to find time for their children at home. Most parents today do not have enough time for their children. They leave the whole responsibility to their teachers. By doing this, they neglect the need of the child to have parents attention. Parents should schedule some time to appreciate their children of the work they have done in school. In such a manner, the child feels valued and intelligent.

This is because the child often gets attached to its parents first before the teacher. Hence, they trust parents easily compared to the teachers. There are many things that teachers can do support families and their children to school work. The teacher should first consider the advice of the parent about the children. It is much better for the teacher to use the points given to him or her by the parents. Teacher should consider their students as priority just like their parents do. They should learn how to give the children the attention they require in order to focus.

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A parent is usually closely attached to his or her child. More often than not, parents have the best interest of the child as a priority. A parent will go to the furthest point to get the best he or she can for the child. Parents are patient and considerate to their children. They prefer giving room to the child for him or her to grow. In addition, parents do not get tired to help their children. A parent is always thinking of what he or she should do for the child. These traits of parents can be copied. Teachers need to adapt the parent approach to assist their children in school work. They should be ready to come down and join the children at their level in order for them to feel appreciated.

The teachers’ definition of normal and good children seriously affects the way they interact with children. According to the teacher, these are ranks that the children have been given in class. The teacher may easily want to associate with a child that is excellent rather than the normal one. The normal child may not be active in class. If the teacher is not creative enough, the student lags behind as he or she will not be given the require attention. In this way, some student will end up receiving more favors from the teacher than others. Likewise, they should relate with the parents of the child.

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The teacher can first look at the previous report by the teachers that have taught before. This will help him or her understand Laquisha’s change in school performance. The new teacher should also take time to note to the observation of the mother on the child performance in the past and present. A combination of these two views will give a clear insight to the teacher on how he or she can help Laquisha regain her enthusiasm in school.