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Alcohol Consumption in Colleges


As requested, excessive alcohol consumption in college has been investigated. The focus of this investigation level related to the adverse effect that has been in the late years been recorded in colleges. Fatal is the increase in death due to excessive alcohol consumption in college especially from 1988 to 2005. Therefore, there was a reason to look at this matter critically.


The investigation found that there is an alarming raise of excessive alcohol consumption in colleges lately. College students aged 18 to 24 years from 1991 to 2002 who have been working under influence of alcohol has increased from 26.9% to 31.4%, which accounted for 17% increase. These students are addicted to alcohol. Within the same span of time, a 4% of the college students engage in binge drinking which in moist of the time graduates to excessive drinking.

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There are various reasons for these behaviors. The most common ones are peer pressure, stress, transitional stage from adolescent to adulthood, curiosity, ignorance of what pertain excessive consumption of alcohol as well as access to the drink. Others are lack of proper counseling, background of the student and some of them are influenced by their financial status.


Excessive consumption of alcohol is the main sources of violence in college including vandalism of properties due to irresponsibility attached to its abuse. Some of the student reported memory loss, fatal injuries and in most cases lead to irresponsible sexual behaviors. It also causes increased dropouts in college due to academic failure and illness.  31% of the student abusing alcohol reported acute symptoms while 6% reported low symptoms.

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The investigation recommends remedial actions to avert this behavior. Development of substitute techniques should be developed that include physical activities such as sports, lively entertainment, counseling workshops, development of strict rules against this behaviors and sensitization program through university paper and local papers. Student should also be involved actively in campaign against alcoholism and starting rehabilitation programs to the ones affected.