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Honest and Ethical Summary


Twenty one professions tabled for twenty five members of the  public to identify which of them they independently thought was the most ethical and honest profession. The professions that included nurses, pharmacists, veterinarians, medical doctors, dentists, engineers, college teachers, clergymen, police, security managers, Psychiatrists, Bankers, Chiropractors, Journalists, Congressman, Lawyers, Car Salesman, Insurance Salesman, HMO Managers, DEA Agents, and Telemarketers, involved some of those the public was accustomed to on a daily basis.

The survey reported on in this paper is entirely based on the opinions of the public; the report on its side depends on the survey to deliver the results that were acquired from the public. Authentication of the survey wasn’t necessary as it was not based on outstanding facts but rather on personal experiences and opinions. The purpose of the research is to statistically lay out the facts as portrayed on the survey to rank which of the professions is the most transparent in terms of ethics and honest. A hierarchy on how the professions rank is designed to give a clearer comparison of the profession. What the professions discussed in this paper have in common is outline at the end of the analysis.

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Report on the Survey Findings

Facts of the survey on professions and the opinions of people about them are reflected on a comparative manner below. Twenty one professions were identified; twenty five members of the public were involved to give their take on what they thought about those professions, the results are analyzed as;

  • Out of the interviewed twenty five members of the public, fifteen of them suggested that they though nurses ranked very high in terms of honesty and ethics, five of them thought that nurses didn’t rank very high but just high. Three and two members of the interviewed twenty five thought that nurses ranked average and low respectively in terms of ethics and honesty.
  • For the case of pharmacists; five, eight and five thought that they ranked very high, just high and average respectively. The remaining seven thought pharmacists ranked low and very low at a ratio of 3:4 respectively.
  • Five people did not have any opinion on how veterinarians ranked, however, a majority of twelve people thought that veterinarians ranked as average in terms of honest and ethics. One person thought that they ranked very high while the remaining thought that they ranked just high and low at the ratio of 4:3.
  • Medical doctors seemed to be getting positive review in that almost half of the twenty five members suggested they ranked as very high where honest and ethics were concerned. Four people suggested medical doctors ranked high while six went for average. Only one person thought doctors ranked low with two suggesting they ranked very low.
  • Nobody thought dentists ranked very high, two went for just high, eighteen suggested they ranked as average while two thought they ranked low. Three members on the participating public side did not give their ideas.
  • Majority of fifteen people suggested that engineers ranked as average with only two suggesting they ranked as just high, no one owed they ranked very high or very low, however four members did not have suggestions.
  • College teachers almost performed uniformly in all ranking categories, however, a majority of seven people for each category thought college teachers ranked average and low. For very high and those with no opinions two people went for each side with very high being suggested by three people.
  • One in every five people thought clergy ranked average, two in every five did not have an opinion and two for high and low were recorded.
  • Six, nine, and six people again thought that policemen ranked very high, high and average respectively. One person thought they ranked very low and three ranked policemen as low in ethics and honest.
  • Security managers had nine ranking them as high, six ranking them as very highly ethical and honest and eight suggesting they were average ranking them. One person said suggested they were low ranked and one did not comment.
  • Consecutively following each other at one, two, three and four group(s) of people pointed out that psychiatrists ranked very high, high, very low and low respectively. Twelve people rated them as average with three having no opinion concerning this profession.
  • Five people did not give their opinions on bankers, one thought they were very highly ranking ethically and in term of honesty. Three ranked them as high, nine as average, five and two as low and very low respectively.
  • Chiropractors had no one ranking them very high or just high though they were ranked as average by eighteen of the twenty five participants. Four people did not give their opinions concerning this profession and the remaining three went for low.
  • Journalists had four ranking them as high, fifteen as average, four as low and two as very low ranking in terms of ethics and honesty.
  • Congressmen had ten participants pointing them as average ranked, one pointed them as very highly, three as high and a draw of four to four for those who ranked them as low and those who did not have any idea of how ethically and honestly  congressmen faired.
  • In terms of lawyers fifteen out of the total of participants interviewed ranked them average and above, with three having no opinions and the rest ranking them below average.
  • Twenty one out of the twenty five participants ranked car salesmen to be below average when it came to honest and ethics. Only four had a different idea that ranked them as average.
  • Nobody thought Insurance salesmen, HMO managers and telemarketers ranked very high. A majority of above 55% of the participants thought the three professions ranked below average. The rest of the percentage was distributed among those few who thought these professions ranked above average and those who did not air their opinion on these three professions.
  • Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agents were ranked by twelve people to be above average and by nine to be below, four however did not submit their opinion on this. (Mackinnon, 2009).


Going by the report on the survey findings it is deducible that medical professions are highly termed as the most ethical and honest. This factor is brought by the fact that most of people have history with some of these medical personnel. The risks that the personnel go through to attend to patients whether genuine or otherwise influence the public in terms of opinions. Under the care of a nurse till the day of full recovery and checking out from the ward is enough time for one to be able to rank nursing as the top profession that applies honest and ethics. For doctors and dentists, the same case would apply for survivors, however, the ethics and honest for these two fields could be biased, if majority of participants participating on the survey had good experiences with doctors and dentists. A number of those that may have had contrasting experiences may not have been engaged fully in this survey.

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The fact that a number of people did not have opinions on what they thought about some of the professions points out that there is a remarkable margin of error that should be verified in future surveys. Dealers and cooperate salesmen at the bottom ranks clearly depict the lack of transparency in whatever they do. Majority of participants detailing that they did not think that car salesmen, HMO managers, telemarketers and insurance salesmen ranked above average in terms of ethics and honest suggests that a good number had a bad history with those. (Gale Research Inc., 1996)

Social service delivery professions that include the likes of college teachers, policemen, engineers, clergy, bankers and psychiatrists rank within the middle professions that people considered ethical and honesty. The results are basically unsteady because of the diversity of the people served under these professions. The police for example, would be involved in a number of tasks and incidents, anyone caught within the diversity of the tasks and the incidents may give a different opinion according to how they thought policemen fired ethically and honestly. The service providers prone to bad judgment due to personal preferences of people in terms of what services they need; resources to provide the kind of service individuals need in a number of times are not sufficient hence delivery of not so satisfying services. Mainly ethics and honesty in the line of professional careers depend highly on what aspects of individual lives they affect or deal with. (Babu, 2007: p. 144)

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Representative professions like Chiropractors, congressmen, lawyers and journalists if they were to be ranked as a group against the others they would rank second from last. For this group there seems to be loads and loads and loads of demands of which abiding to ethics is a matter of unfavorable interests. Congressmen, journalists and lawyers make up a good team that represent a certain group of people; the congressman represents people of his state; journalists represent themselves and the interests of their media houses; lawyers represent people under law suits. To deliver these tasks nearly as expected, the career holders need their personal interests served and those of the people they represent as well. (Corey et al, 2010: pp. 36-39)

My Ranking for the Survey Professional Personalities

Taking the survey findings and the people serving under the professions, I would rate nurses, doctors, dentists, pharmacists and veterinarians as high in terms of their honesty and ethics. For the social service providers, policemen I’d rate them as average; college teachers, psychiatrists and clergy as high; bankers, and security managers as low in the way they rank to me in terms of honesty and ethics. Representative group comprising of congressmen, lawyers and journalists would get a low ranking with chiropractors getting an average. DEA agents and cooperate salesmen would be ranked as low and very low respectively.

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Medicine as a discipline with healing and caretaking as the profession careers like nursing, medical doctors, veterinarians, pharmacists, and dentists according to the report on the survey tend to be the most transparent in terms of honesty and ethics. Social service and representative professional careers have a declining rate of ethical and honesty ranking. The reason for this is because of the demands that the careers have to meet and the personal interests they have to satisfy in return. DEA agents and cooperate salesmen possess the least elements of ethics. Reason for this is the demand of their careers and the criteria they serve.