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My Vision Statement

My vision is to be a master at arms in a period of five years. My hobbies and interests are weight lifting and boxing. I have a strong passion to enroll in the United States navy in two years time. In order to achieve this, I seek advice from my family, friends, and the community members. I will ensure that I contribute positively to communal work such as providing inspirational talks to the youth and assisting the disadvantage in the society. While doing this, I relentlessly train in boxing with an intention of winning various awards.

My life values and philosophies are hard work, discipline, and commitment. These are my strengths, and I will utilize to achieve my aims. The objectives are to provide assistance to the needy youth, assist other disadvantaged society members, and to compete passionately in the circuit of amateur boxing.

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My action plan is to enroll with a community service group as a volunteer. I will request to work with those youths with challenging family backgrounds. I intend to introduce weight lifting to those who have attained the required age. By and by, I will start introducing the boxing sport to those who are interested in it. As I offer the training, I ensure that I have perfected my skills. I evaluate this by booking an armature boxing competition. While competing in boxing, I use promoters to sell my talent to the navy recruitment department.

My performance in the boxing competition will be by motivation and inspiration obtained from reputable boxers and friends who are either serving or have served in the navy. This will help me to recruit in the United States navy force. Once recruited, I will endeavor to be efficient and effective in the service delivery. This will lead to promotion to the position of master at arms after about three years of intensive service delivery and expression of my interest to the officers in charge.

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My vision, therefore, is to be a naval master at arms, by providing satisfactory services to the society, and the navy through hard work, positive performances, discipline, and commitment.