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The road to learning how to write a journal paper has been so tough for me. This is because it is riddled with hard work that will be reviewed and be criticized by my peers. The nicest thing is that when a speech is delivered successfully it is an incredibly rewarding work. This document serves to enlighten on how I will prepare for my next speech. This will consider on how to come up with the topic, writing an outline for the topic and more so on how I will involve my audience in the speech. In addition, it will also give a brief discussion on how to maintain eye contact with the audience and still keep my nerves down without any struggle.

First, coming up with the topic for the speech is a challenging decision that as an individual I need to consider most to avoid creating boredom with the audience. One of the factors to be considered is if the topic interests me and the interest of the audience. There is also a need to put myself in the shoe of the audience considering what they would like to hear and why. Something else to consider is the background of my own knowledge and understanding of the topic. After coming up with the appropriate topic and its outline, the progress of speech delivery will depend on the passion and knowledge about the subject, which will come out in the presentation with very little effort.

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The best thing that gives fulfillment on delivering a speech is on the actions the audience will take after finishing the speech. A persuasive speech starts with a great attention grabbing, which is determined by the way, the audiences are getting involved in the delivery of the speech. One way is, by getting closer to the audience and giving them an opportunity to ask questions to create a comfort zone for an interaction with the audience. Maintaining an eye contact with the audience is also a major problem, which can be overcome through avoiding nervousness by taking a breath, relaxing and just making your eyes to eye contact with the audience. This is not only a way of having a physical connection with the audience but also a surety of the fulfillment of delivering a good and a sincere speech.