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The Most Significant Person in My Life

In my entire life I have encountered one person who has had the greatest impact on my life. This is non other than my grandfather. If I can recall, he was the only person who was close to me after the demise of both my parents at a tender age. He truly loved and cared for me and this gives me the confidence to recognize him as one of the most instrumental persons in my life. It is a common saying that we are all the outcome of our surrounding, a theory that I believe in “nurture vs. nature.” What I am today is a result of the nurturing I received from my grand father who really changed me despite the dull past that I was raised in.

He instilled in me life values such as discipline, endurance, determination, perseverance, confidence, ambition, gratitude and love. From him I took these qualities and practiced them in my life. He gave me the instruments that I needed to be sustained and propelled to high grounds. Despite the fact that my significant person has grown so old that he can not speak and reason well at 150 years of age, it is good to recall some of the things he taught me and the memories I have for him. I have to continue to hone the values or qualities I was given so as to pass the on to the younger generation. I always recall my past memories and the value that my grandfather imparted in me. One of my best quote I learned from him is “The sky is the limit.”

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During my difficult moments I long for the advice of my grandfather though I can not get it due to his age. I can vividly remember my grandfather telling me never to give however big the problem will be. He told me to always explore recourse of action in order to find a solution.

In conclusion, I dedicate al my success to my grandfather who was responsible to making me who I am.