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The 20 Hours I Spent Helping My Community

Indeed I felt honored giving back to the society after such a long time. Having spent most of my time studying, I was finally able to spare some few hours doing what to me seemed the most rewarding service in my entire life. The well spent 20 hours in community service not only left me with a lot of blessings but it also enabled me to fully understand how much the society needs our services despite our busy commitment in our personal lives.

My eight hours job in a thrift shop gave me a hilarious exposure to the many books that a thrift shop in my neighborhood had to offer. Although I was required to organize and arrange the books into the various shelves, I learnt that this was a key marketing strategy for the business. Smart, organized and attractive display determined the sales volume of the shop. The books therefore ought to be arranged well to ensure efficient visibility and identification by the customers. By the end of my eight hours I learnt more than what I had to offer a move which motivated me even more.

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In addition I spent my other twelve hours helping an elderly man to shift his household belongings from one house to another. Since my childhood I had known the man as a neighbor and a friend. Although the task was tiring, I never felt it as the man kept me busy throughout the period. I also came to understand that some things assumed great value in man’s life but not to others. I came across a painting, furniture and a watch which the man had kept for many years. It was not until when I questioned him that I came to understand they symbolized important people and experiences in his personal life. The painting was for his beautiful wife and son whom perished in a fatal accident thirty years ago. The Italian furniture was a special gift given to him by the then governor of the state for his great contribution towards humanity. And the watch was a gift from a dying fellow soldier during the 2nd world war.

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These items were so precious to him that he always kept them throughout his entire life. After loading and off-loading the truck the old man could not hide his joy, he also gave me a spoon which he had bought fifty five years ago in Italy as a sign of his appreciation. I finally headed home having established great friendship and earned a souvenir due to my selfless dedication towards serving the community.