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Dinner Party


Life is a journey that throws many challenges our way. How we maneuver these challenges depends on people and things that motivate us positively. In my case, I believe that I would probably not have achieved to be who I am currently if not for the three most influential people in my life: My dad, Oprah Winfrey and Jesus Christ. Though each person’s role is defined by their individual strengths in terms of personality, they helped me in ways which I will reveal through out the paper.

One would expect my main reason for inviting my dad would be because I wanted it be as a thank you gesture. While this is partly true (though in a weird way), it is worth noting that my dad was a drunkard and a drug addict and though I heard somebody claim he was determined and driven during his hey days, I really have never experienced that side of him. I think I would love to have a personal chat over dinner with the dad that I never knew. It would feel better if I got to experience things I never did with a more sober and different dad rather than to fantasize.   

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I don’t think it is ironic for a person like me who has known many hardships such as those that characterize many projects, to have a passion for giving or just putting a smile on a sad face. Oprah Winfrey through her show which I used to watch daily at 4pm, made me realize that I too had a passion similar to hers only I did not know. Getting through education was one of the hardest things I faced in my life but she challenged me continuously and I graduated with distinction. Above all things that Oprah helped me with; I can say the discovery of my passion for giving ranks high.

Jesus Christ

Many questions I have that touch on issues more superior to me such as why did I not feel the urge to steal yet I suffered just like any other youth in the projects who subscribed to stealing and gang violence? These were options that I could have explored at the time but instead, I believe Christ showed me a bigger picture of what I could achieve in time. In short, my knowledge of Jesus Christ (though shallow), helped me escape time in jail or even death and it gave me the spirit to pursue my dreams which have enabled me to reach my present position in society.

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These three individuals shaped my life and ensured that became who I am in society today. If I were to have them for dinner, I would wish to have the sober dad that I never knew. Both Oprah and Jesus Christ have been my constant companions and this I believe is something worth thanking them for over a nice meal.