Free «Three Special Moments in My Life» Essay Sample

Three Special Moments in My Life

My Eighth Birthday

One of the best moments I have had in my young life happened the day I met my best friend. I was going to turn eight years old that Christmas and so my parents took me to an amusement park and let me have as much fun as I could. As I stood deciding on what ride to take first or what point to begin, I saw a girl, not as excited as I was-in fact, she seemed afraid and alone. I immediately approached her and asked her to join me in exploring the park. We ran around and as we rode one of the roller coasters, she opened up to me and said, "No one has ever been this good to me, my step father works in this park and he makes me sit around the entire day. This is the best birthday present ever! Thank you." She made me feel so good about myself and about doing things for other people. I was also very startled that our birthdays lay on the same day. Even for me, it was the best birthday present ever! To date, she is the one person we truly trust and love each other unconditionally, and we share anything and everything together.

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My School Presidential Win

When I left Columbian High to Colonel High after my father got a promotion and a job transfer; I was so furious. I would leave all my former friends and the environment I liked to be in a new and strange place. Colonel High was a better performing school compared to my previous high school. Since I was not a grade "A" student, I had even harder time fitting into the school. I had always wanted to be a leader and I also thought it would boost my popularity at the new school. So, when the school presidential bid began, I passed the requirements but I did not know many campaigners. I began crusading from the juniors and used my in-born leadership skills to draw people in. It was a long shot, and on the election date, I did my part and waited for the vote counting to end. It was beyond my imagination as I was declared the winner that evening in the hall and was asked to address the school as the new president. The happenings of that day changed my life and perception of the new school and I was ready to take on all the challenges that the position would bring.

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Putting My Skills into Practice

Early this year, I was making my long late evening's jogging along the road when I saw from a distance, a small family vehicle sway on the road and get into a ditch. I ran very fast and on arriving, I saw a young girl and a boy around my age trapped and crying out for help. At first, I was confused on what to do or where to start. On looking around and on the road, it was bare and there was no sign of anyone else that could help out. I had to do this on myself, although I was very nervous since I had only attended a theoretical first aid class. The young man was on the passenger seat while the lady was on the steering wheel and she was breeding from her forehead. I managed to open the front door and pulled the lady out successfully. I tore my shirt and used the piece to stop her bleeding which remained persistent. As I took the young man out, he pointed the first aid kit and thus, I used the bandages to stop the lady's bleeding. After calling the ambulance and seeing the relive on both their faces, I was so relieved and proud of what I had done. It made me value my classroom skills even more.