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Personal Statement

Becoming a Radiologic Technology specialist was my one time ambition from my young age. This area has attracted me because it combines human involvement with vast knowledge and, technological knowhow to help us to work in common weakest areas. Radiological technology creates a field where I can have direct involvement with patients. Taking into consideration that the field of radiologic is an ever evolving field that has a promise of continuous expansion in the modern world, created an interest in me. I was introduced in radiological field in my molecular biology class when my tutor covered a chapter on radiations and their application in the field of medicine. The idea of diagnostic imaging that offer a different perspective on the health of a person without doing any surgery was fascinating. My experience as a lab assistant in a clinical laboratory has exposed me into an area where, radiology technicians used X-rays in creating the image of interior of the human body which, assisted doctors in diagnosing and treating medical problems.

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Radiology plays an important role in the modern society especially in the field of imaging technology. This study uses the electromagnetic energy Such as (X rays) which, is studied by the radiologist to give an analysis. The information obtained is used to diagnose various diseases such as cancer. The study of radiology also assists the physicians to ascertain various bones in human part. This helps in treating patients who have broken their body parts. The issue of pregnancy problems has become a national concern in most countries. This study would assist pregnant women to monitor their pregnancy and, avoid unwanted risks. In addition, the analysis from the radiology work may be used to educate the public on safety living conditions to promote preventive measures.

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In your program, I will provide valuable attributes and skills that I have learnt all through in this field for example, problem solving and self discipline. In comparison with other applicants, I strongly believe that my unique advantage is in the powerful motivation that lies in the field of life science and the radiological technology. The radiological program in your highly reputed institution will give me the training, skills and knowledge that are required in this field. This program will also help me advance my career and gain the experience for the greater heights of your institution. This program will make my dream in discovering new secrets of Nature and technology in the field of radiology turn real.